Your wedding is going to be so rad: this is my promise to you, and here’s what I’ll do to make it happen:

Concept – I’ll work with you to design the feel and theme of your wedding from top to bottom. Your day will be totally unique and quirky!

Venue Selection – I know a billion awesome venues that nobody knows about yet and will take you to check them out. Once you’ve decided on a wedding location, I’ll use my negosche skills to seal the dealio.

Vendor Management – I’ll work with your vendors so that you don’t have to. I have a wide network of local, small-batch, authentic craftspeople who will provide the most sustainable and artisanal food, flowers, photography, decor, and more for your wedding.

Day-of Duties – I’ll be there at your wedding, like a ninja, making sure everything goes just right. I’ll herd your loved ones and manage your vendors. You’ll be too busy putting in your pincurls and grooming your dope ‘stache to worry about these things!


Want more deets about what I do? No probs; just drop me a line and we’ll talk it out. The pricing varies based on how intricate your wedding will be, so we’ll figure it out when we chat.